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Soup, Salad, and Cigarette Butts December 20, 2011

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Employees at a NORMAL job wouldn’t have much, if anything to complain about after a three hour shift. My job? Different story 100%. Like I called it last night, all today was was businessmen and old cranky women.

I got to work, checked the floor plan and noticed I was in the dining room and not the bar which is great because the dining room has tables that fit 6 people which means bigger parties, versus the bar which can only seat 4 people max in each booth. After being at work for ten minutes, I literally got double sat. This old woman plopped herself down into my section with no menus or anything. Great…and you’re waiting for your daughter to get here (which took about 30 minutes while her mom sat in my section and drank about 5 cups of diet coke WITH LIME!). Nevertheless, when her daughter arrived, they both ordered soup and salad, as did my other two top. No problem…at least it’ll give me time to gossip with the other servers, right? WRONG. My manager decides at the last minute to switch my section to the bar, and proceeds to immediately sit me a five top. Remember I said the booths only fit four? Yeah…the table wasn’t very happy that I couldn’t be very attentive (considering I still had two tables at the complete opposite side of the restaurant) and they also weren’t very happy they were basically fondling each other as they reached for their fucking glasses of sprite. Then..I get sat a one top in my bar section which makes two two tops in the dining room, and a five top and one top in the bar. Awesome. Weeded. Stressed. Pissed. Sweating my ass off. I finally got a chance to catch my breath and tell my manager to fuck himself.

When I FINALLY had time to smoke a well earned damn cigarette, I notice a laminated letter posted on the back door…”If I find any more cigarette butts on the ground, a mandatory cleaning session will be invoked as well as everyone smoking privileges will be revoked”. Fuck you…and for that, I threw a cigarette butt down right outside the door on the curb. You suck for dividing my sections to two opposite sides of the restaurant two fucking nights in a row. (Seriously…I know other restaurants sometimes do that to their servers, but it NEVER happens at mine…which is why it pisses me off to no end because I know they are out to get me. Why? Who knows…I get at least one compliment from my table to my manager every shift so they need to hop off their high horse. Ugh!!)