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Sick… :( December 17, 2011

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SORRY FOR NOT POSTING THE PAST FEW DAYS! I’ve been super sick…probably from working myself to the bone. However, I come bearing news of evil doers in the world:

– The other night (I lose track of the days since I have one IF ANY days off every week) this family of seven comes in. Yes…seven. And they assured me they have like five or six other kids at home (not that they were unsure of how many they had at home…I just can’t remember what they said). Well I am like WOOHOO a party of seven! That means a bill over $100 which means a tip of like $15 or $20 which I was real excited about because it had been a slow night. Well…turns out they had to wait for my booth for about 45 minutes (they originally wanted a table but since the three tables we have that fit seven people were full, they had to wait but got impatient so decided to split themselves into two booths in my section). Well, the one daughter tries to order the salmon which we happen to be out of, and then decides SHE’S NOT HUNGRY ANYMORE. Okay…I still have six others willing to order right? Wrong. Three of the remaining six are children which proceed to order their $4 meals off the kid’s menus. The dad of the clan orders a huge steak…only to grab my manager (physically) and starts screaming that his steak is not cooked right and their is hair in his food. For the record…it wasn’t my hair, it was his hair from the huge rat-tail he had slapping his neck all night as he gobbled and chowed down. Of course he gets his steak taken off the bill and what should have been a $100+ tab turns out to be a $37 and change tab. They then tell me I am the best server they have had at our restaurant, and will definitely request me next time. Please feel free. You were a pain in my ass but I will accept a $12 tip on a $37 tab ANYDAY.
– Tonight, I had three tweens sit in my section. Clearly, two of them were awkwardly dating and the third came along to make things even more awkward for everyone. They annoyed me from the minute I walked up to the table screaming about wanting more free bread and more ice for their waters (of course). Since they all didn’t have mommy or daddy to order their burgers for them, it was a world crisis that NONE of them knew how to order a burger. After spening literally six minutes explaining how we cook our burgers, they all stared blankley and ordered. When it comes time to bring them their bill, the total was like $27. They hand me $30 and I said “Do ya’ll need some change”. “YES MA’AM!”. Shit…of course. After sticking around for an hour and making a mess at one of my tables in my three table section, they left me a crumpled $5. Whatever.

That’s all for tonight…I really need to get some sleep. That is if I can…the boyfriend is snoring my ear off. Night!


Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle…all the change in my pocket because I work for nickles and dimes. December 12, 2011

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been in the holiday spirit since the moment I started cleaning my dishes from Thanksgiving. The month of December, I honestly feel so giving. At the same time, every time I receive a tip (or lack there of), I wonder if I am the only one who realizes that we are days away from Christmas. What’s up with the ten percent tips lately? I mean…last night I was shitted on but this ignorant redneck country family but luckily I got a tip from every table tonight.

I was lucky enough to have my first table be these two old ladies who apparently were on their way to an ugly sweater party …one ordered a half club which comes with a soup. The other lady ordered…just a soup. I knew I had big spenders on my hands, ecspecially when they asked three times to make sure we don’t charge for water, which we obviously don’t. I knew their bill wasn’t going to be high, and I was right: their total bill came to about $13 and then they told me they were going to be on split checks. I got a dollar as my tip…even after I gave the one lady who ordered just the soup an EXTRA cup of soup because she said there wasn’t enough broth in the first one. The customer is always right, right?

I ended up working damn near six hours for a mere $41. Not only that, but my managers need to learn to trust their employees and not criticize EVERYTHING we do. Because apparently they must have something shoved so deep up there and its making them turn into maniacs. Oh! I’m sorry you are on salary and probably made $200 tonight to shine a flashlight under my tables only to scream that I didn’t sweep as good as you would like…because I just spent the last five and a half hours dealing with cranky old stingy motherfuckers, for $41. Get the hell out of here.

I have the next two nights off HOWEVER I will still be updating 🙂 Night!